Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rain in the Desert

December 16, 2012:

An exciting week, we had low temperatures near freezing, clouds, rain, fog and snow in the mountains.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as I write a blog entry about how dry and dusty it has been, it rains !  I'm saying it anyhow.

It's not all fun and games in this lifestyle, some work occasionally must be done.  On Monday, we could barely see out of the windows, they were so filthy, so we got out the cleaning supplies and went to work.  Everything gets so dust covered out here, and no rain to wash it off naturally, my favorite way of cleaning.  I don't think we have had a rainy day since we left New Jersey, other than a few thunderstorms. I am starting to look forward to a rainy day, how strange is that?  On cleaning, I don't know if it's the water here, the dirt here, or the new "Windex", but it's real difficult to get windows squeaky clean.  

Got my fill of music this week.  Monday afternoon jam session at the campground, mostly all retired country western type sun birds, had flash backs of the Grand Old Oprey, it was real folksy and I have to admit fun.  Then on Tuesday night to a Tucson club "Plush" to hear 3 touring bands. Thursday through Saturday there was a 3 day music fest, called "The Great Cover-up" taking place at different venues in downtown Tucson involving 50 local bands all playing cover tunes from bands that most people know or have at least heard of.  Thursday night I was back to "Plush" for the first of the Cover-up events.  Friday evening was a concert at the campground that was mainly Bing Crosby sounding Christmas music, had to sneak out during intermission. On Saturday afternoon to the Rialto Theater for the 3rd Cover-up event. Why do I have this ringing sound in my ears in morning ? 

Thursday Twinkles and I went for another hike in Tucson Mountain Park on a very scenic trail at Gates Pass.  Twinkles was thrilled to find a snake skeleton that has now been added to our collection. I was happy to see big fluffy white cumulous clouds rolling in providing great light conditions for photography.    

What's going on with fuel prices, Diesel is $3.55 here now, down from around $4.00 a month ago ?  I shouldn't complain, but why these constant gyrations in the price.  Sometimes I wonder about the free enterprise system ?  Bottom line is I know these prices won't last, just be happy now, next summer I'll be paying $4.25 or more again.  Twinkles is right, she says I am starting to go off on rants like an old man, Sorry dear.

Sunday was a trip to the DeGrazia studio for a "La Fiesta de Guadalupe' with another couple from the campground. 

The upper elevations of the Catalina mountains north of Tucson received a good amount of snowfall this week.  I have an urge to ride up there this coming week to check another climate zone.

On that note, also making arrangements for a trip back to New Jersey on January 3rd to the 8th during this extended stay in Tucson. 

On a rainy night in Tucson

Twinkles on the trail

Twinkles holding a Cholla Cactus seed pod, don't squeeze !

View from the Gates Pass Trail

Another trail view

Visiting Santa at the Tucson train station

The Rialto Theater in Tucson

The Great Cover-up poster

Tiny's Saloon, a favorite spot near Desert Trails Campground

Weird Saguaro Cactus growth

Wide angle view from desert behind campsite

Rainbow from the campground

Fog in desert behind campground

Dancing at La Fiesta de  Guadalupe


  1. I love the pictures, especially the rainbow! It's getting cold and gray here on an increasing basis so your pictures brighten my day! Mark loves the pictures of the railroads you come across. Enjoy your travels!

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  3. I had the same problem with washing windows in the desert south west. I thought it might be the low humidity. I would spray on copious amounts of Windex and while wiping it would dry up on the window. We never had clean truck windows while we were out there.

    Very interesting reading your blog as we want to be out there next winter. Weather in South Florida is nice though. Mark-Patty