Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hot times in Phoenix

July 23 - 30, 2013:

Three more dental sessions at the Dental school.  We are now done with the vital signs, photos, X-rays, charting, interpretation, evaluation, bone loss, tartar evaluation, gum measurements, dental action plan and have now moved into the teeth cleaning phase.  

Thursday morning we were awakened by the sound of rain and thunder.  Any amount of rain here causes flooding somewhere and rain is a huge deal, a rarity and the TV stations go nuts with coverage, very funny.  The rain didn't last long and the girls, Twinkles, Tatum and Cindy continued with their planned trip to Wet-N-Wild Water Park, I stayed far away !
Instead, I explored the extremely colorful mural artwork in the Roosevelt Avenue and 16th Street areas.  There is a huge amount of very impressive, but equally strange art work in this area.  I love these old hispanic Phoenix areas, even the run down ones, or scary ones.  I'm so tired of the endless look alike development tract houses and shopping malls in surburban Phoenix.  
I stopped for lunch at a gourmet hot dog place on Roosevelt, "Short Leach Hot Dogs",  that was very crowded and I found out why, good eats !  They also have a food truck, which is a popular and growing street market trend in both Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Church on Grand Avenue, Phoenix

Three birds on Roosevelt Ave

Mural on Roosevelt Ave Phoenix

Mural on Roosevelt Ave

Building off Roosevelt Ave

Alley near Roosevelt Ave

Homeless woman in front of mural, noticed latter that the
snake appears ready to strike her

Interesting Drive-in Liquor store on Van Buren Street

Mural on 16th Street

Mural on 16th Street

Mural on 16th Street

Mural on 16th Street

On Friday Twinkles and I went to an RV show at the Convention Center in downtown Phoenix, there were a few RV of each type to look at, but nothing else, overall a very lame show.  We then decided to take a ride on the light rail for an adventure.  We got on an eastbound train and got off in downtown Tempe to look around.  Tempe is a college town and therefore full of restaurants, bars, pubs and interesting shops.  We stopped when hungry and hot at "Fuzzy's Taco Shop", a very funky taco shop and had a couple of very good taco's, then went back to the light rail stop to continue on to Mesa, the end of the line.  We waited and waited for the train, announcements were saying all trains were delayed a half hour, then after a half hour they announced that service was suspended and busses would be provided a few blocks away to get to your destination. I'm thinking, isn't this a hoot, first time in a year on a train and there is a service disruption, or incident as they called it, deja-vue !  We started to walk for the bus, it was at least 105, then decided we better have a beer for hydration and ended up at a place that had about every beer available in the free world.  We then made it to the bus station and caught a bus west to a rail station where the light rail was still in service.  We found out along the way that the incident was that someone had been hit and killed by a train on the line.  We then got on the train again, went westbound to the end of the line, then returned eastbound to our starting point and the truck.  It was quite the adventure in retrospect !

RV show at Phoenix Convention Center

Getting on the light Rail Train in Phoenix

Waiting for the train in Tempe

So many choices ???

On the train, we overheard a funny conversation between a young black dude, obviously trying to hit on her and a very attractive young black women.  He asked her where she was from, she said Africa and he then asked her, What village ?  She then told him she was from the city of Sierra Leone, of a wealthy family, had maids and such and never wanted for anything.  That sort of deflated his sails, He seemed to be under the impression that everyone in Africa lives in a shack in the jungle. 

Twinkles went to a sports medicine doctor for her knee pain and after X-rays was given a cortisone shot and a list of exercises to do.  The good news is that they saw saw nothing that needs surgery at this time, have to see how the cortisone and exercise works.  I also made a dermatologist appointment to check a few of my old age spots, strange skin growths, etc, I think my days in the sun may be over !  We are falling apart, aging is hell !

The dually needs maintenance also, oil change and a couple of new tires.  We are wearing the truck out fast, we have put 24,400 miles on it in the last year.  Of that mileage, 5,777 was towing the RV.  We are seriously thinking about a used jeep as a daily driver to save the truck and a more mobile smaller Class C Motor Home for the future. 

Saturday evening the family went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Cindy's past birthday and Twinkles upcoming birthday.  It was excessive food on Saturday as Twinkles and I had gone out for a huge breakfast earlier.  

Sunday it was back to the Heard Museum again for the free Sunday promotion, Thanks Target !

Ancient native American pottery

Indian clothing

Beautiful Indian woman

Happy travels,
Twinkles and Slick 

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