Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reno Part Two

October 7-9, 2013;

Monday was a ride to Carson City, the Nevada State Capital, named for the infamous Kit Carson.  We visited the Capital, which is a rather small Capital building, but totally restored with a small museum. It is a nice clean town, several nice restaurants, a couple bars, several Casino's and the Nevada State Museum.  Unfortunately the Museum was closed on Monday. Carson City has lots of history, it was a major old west town, still is.

The State Capital building

A banner like this goes all around the walls with all the minerals mined in Nevada

A view from the staircase

The historic St. Charles Hotel

Statue of Kit Carson

The Nevada State Seal

A monument to the Pony Express riders; the trail came through Carson City

A Lincoln Highway marker; the original transcontinental highway came through Carson City

After a nice Alpine Burger with a pint of Buzzed Bee Honey Beer at the High Sierra Brewing Company, (very good) we went to the Nevada State Railroad Museum, with it's great exhibits and collection of rare Steam Locomotives, Cars and artifacts.  The main museum area was very good, but the Engine House was even better, several more historic Steam Locomotives, Cars and shop equipment.  This was the maintenance shop for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad.  There was a most enthusiastic and knowledgable man there who gave us an unofficial guided tour around the shop.  They have resurrected the Virginia and Truckee Railroad and run excursion trains, (Steam and Diesel), from Carson to Virginia City.  The McKeen Rail Car in the shop was an amazing story, it's the only one remaining, how it was a diner, then a plumbing storehouse and then finally restored back to operating condition by the Museum.  It is an amazing train collection, many rare and one of a kind pieces, Twinkles even enjoyed it !

Restored No. 9 coach in the museum

The immaculately restored 1875 Baldwin Locomotive

Interior paint and fixtures were amazing

Another old Baldwin Locomotive in the barn

Rare Rogers Locomotive, built in Patterson, NJ that awaits overhaul

The pointed nose on the McKeen rail car, last one remaining

Tuesday was an afternoon jaunt up over the mountain to Incline Village, back into California for a brief time and to the shores of Lake Tahoe.  On the return, we stopped at Tahoe Meadows, 8,000 foot elevation, for a short loop hike around the alpine Meadow.  There was a small stream flowing through the meadow with ice remaining in a few shaded areas.  There were a few areas of Aspen Trees, all turned golden yellow, beautiful in the sunlight.  We rode past the Mt. Rose Ski Area, no snow yet, but definitely cold enough at night, any day now. 

Lake Tahoe view

Lake Tahoe beach area

Roadside vista point over Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Meadow

Tahoe Meadow boardwalk trail

Ice along the stream

An Aspen tree moment

Winding highway down the mountain

I went to downtown Reno at night to check out the bright lights, they are pretty special.  The streets however are fairly empty, except for mostly shady looking characters, although I was only approached by one pan handler.  That's pretty good for me, I'm usually like a magnet for them. 

The bright lights of Reno

Need some Grease ?

Or the Circus ?

Great Thunderbird sign


Harrah's Casino

Taxis are lined up

Extreme fun in the Pleasure Pit !!!

Hot August Nights in Reno

The Ho Hum has vacancies tonight

Wednesday was a packing day, oil change for the truck, laundry and last minute trip preparations.  It is a cold cloudy day here, some rain in the early morning and some snow up in the mountains.  It's good that we made the trip to lake Tahoe yesterday !

Twinkles is leaving town

The blog will get a needed rest while we are in New Jersey, it is tired !

Happy Travels,
Twinkles and Slick  

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