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Lincoln City and Chinook Winds Casino

August 27-28, 2014:

It is about 40 miles to Lincoln City, Oregon all on route 101 south. We initially travel through farm country, lots of cows and timber lands, then we cross a coastal mountain range and arrive at the Oregon coast.  The Oregon coast is very beautiful, when you can see it, it seems that frequently (this time of year ?) all you get is a fog shrouded view.  If the fog lifts you need to move quickly to see the view or you will miss it.

A view from a roadside pull off along route 101

We arrive at Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City before noon, it's a crazy place, a huge paved parking lot with RV's parked all over the place in all sorts of positions.  There doesn't seem to be any rules, no registration, no charges, there must be 75 RV's here with people coming and going all the time.  We check out the Casino, sign up for the free player card, good for a $5 credit towards slot machine play.  We are so cheap, we grab a free soft drink and then to a local McDonalds where we order from the value menu.

Chinook Winds Casino from the campground

A most interesting rig in the campground

An early morning campground view
Lincoln City was originally several small towns that decided to consolidate together and as you ride through town there are street signs for the different districts.  They held a contest to decide on a name, Lincoln City, as in President Lincoln, was the winner.  There is even a Lincoln Monument in town.  Most of Lincoln City looks like a big strip mall along route 101, not particularly attractive, but there are sections, the Taft district in particular, with some style.

Entrance to Taft District

An old Dodge Espresso-Ice Cream truck

At low tide, people are out clamming

Thursday was a mostly clear day so we decided we better take advantage of it and check out the coastal area to the north.  We took an alternate route 101 (Otter Crest Loop) for a few miles to the "Cape Foulweather" viewpoint.  English Sea Captain James Cook named it after the bad weather he encountered there.  At the viewpoint, Gray Whales could be seen far out in the ocean coming to the surface and blowing.

How Cape Foulweather was named

Several Gray Whales were spotted 

Surfers were also spotted

View from headland looking down onto the beach

The loop road then continued another mile or so to Otter Rocks and the Devils Punchbowl and more great views.  The Otter Crest loop road then rejoins route 101 and a few miles away is the Yaquina Head Natural Area and historic Lighthouse.  The Lighthouse was built in 1873 and is the tallest Lighthouse on the Oregon coast at 93 feet.  It is a BLM recreation area with an excellent visitors center.  Unfortunately, the tidal pools were covered as it was high tide.  The views were great however as the fog was gone.

Devil's Punchbowl

BLM visitor center exhibit

Cormorants on the rocks

Yaquina Lighthouse

View of the coast near the Lighthouse

The polished beach stones, as the surf
washed over them, made the weirdest sound

View from the beach

Yaquina Lighthouse

Gray Whale coming to the surface

Close-up of the Lighthouse beacon

We finished off this adventure by going into the city of Newport to the Nye Beach area that had an arch leading into a alley to a beautiful beach. There also were many small restaurants and cafes, we stopped and had a good lunch at Cafe Stephanie's.

Nye Beach

There were several interesting banners

Some of them were rather strange

We then wandered around and drove over a large steel arch bridge with incredible views of the Newport harbor area.  There is the Newport Marina and RV Park on the other side that could be of interest on another trip.  On the shoreline, under the bridge is the Rouge Nation World Headquarters of Rouge Brewery.  We had to stop, it is their main brewery with tours, a tap room, restaurant and store.  You actually walk through the Brewery amongst the brew tanks to get to the restaurant area.  Rouge Brewery's marketing, PR, artistry and attitude is top self, not sure about the beer ?

Nessie the world famous Sea Monster in Newport

The Rouge Brewery

Pink Vodoo beer, a takeoff on Portland's
Vodoo Do-nut shop theme

The famous Port of Newport Bridge

Rogue Nation World Headquarters

A Tavern in Newport

You might be wondering what happened with our free gambling money at the Casino. We used all $10 up, won a little, lost a little and came out almost even.  The Casino is very nice with a Hotel and Convention Center on the beachfront, one of the best we have camped at and the price is right !  

A final stop was to the "Rusty Truck" brewery roadhouse 101 in Lincoln City.  A really nice brewpub that has a large dining area, good looking menu and good selection of beers.  I would go again if in the area.

Next stop, another Casino parking lot, hope our luck improves.  
Twinkles and Slick 

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