Friday, December 11, 2015

Phoenix to Tucson and family time in New Jersey

November 30 - December 7, 2015:

This is how I want to remember Mom

Happier Days

First order of business is a doctor appointment to get Twinkles arm cast removed which goes well.  She has been looking forward to this day for a long time.  It’s then back to the campground to quickly pack up and get on the road for Tucson.  We take route 85 which is a mile from the campground to Gila Bend and then route 8 to Casa Grande where we get onto I-10.  This is a somewhat longer and slower route to take, compared to straight through Phoenix on I-10, but far less traffic and stress and we are in no hurry and I certainly don't need more stress.  I arrive at our destination Desert Trails RV Park around 3 PM about an hour later than Twinkles who is already out socializing.  We get into our site and make the basic connections just in time for “happy hour”. 

Getting prepared for the trip on Wednesday is the next priority, what to take, how many bags and carry-ons ?  It’s not that much colder in New Jersey at present, but we still need warm clothes.   

At the Tucson airport, the news is about yet another terrorist type killing spree in California, just the thing to add some anxiety to the day.  Otherwise our flights are on time, the flying conditions are good and my center seat turns into a window seat when I agree to switch with a woman to be next to her husband.  I always find it calming when flying to look down at the amazing patterns and sculptures of the western landscape from the air and then the snow covered peaks.  Our connecting flight arrives at Newark at 11 PM, then the usual craziness with a long wait for baggage and car rental shuttle.  It was 2 AM by the time we arrived at our hotel in Hightstown, NJ, a long day !

I never tire of these views

This week is all about friends and family although I did manage to sneak over and start the 38 Dodge up and rev’d the engine a few times.  

We had a neighborhood friends get together for dinner on Thursday evening that was very nice. On Friday, it was a Christmas tree cutting session with my son Jeremy and grand daughter Sierra.  This was a welcome rite of Christmas, something that can't be duplicated in Arizona.  Saturday evening was a family dinner (more like a feast, (thanks to Lee and Lisa !) with my sisters Doris and Marie and their children and grandchildren.  My daughter Jessica also arrived from Florida.

Sierra with her leopard skin boots

Helping Dad cut the tree

She will driving soon enough !

Jeremy and Sierra in the sled

Checking out the Goats

Saturday was my Moms funeral in Cranbury, New Jersey at 10 AM and very well attended by the Everett clan and several Dey and Stout members on my mothers side.  I saw many people that sad to say, I haven’t seen in decades.  Afterwards most family members came back to the house for a luncheon and a grand family reunion.  This was followed in the evening with a ride to Princeton to check out the holiday sights.  Sunday was spent at my son’s house, eating leftovers, then a trip to the airport to drop off my daughter Jessica followed by another meal with my son Jeremy, Sierra and my sisters family.  Monday we had breakfast at the old Hightstown Diner with my son Jeremy and Sierra.  We latter caught up to my sister Marie and her family at the another local diner for a coffee. Overall it was a sad occasion but we saw many people who I haven’t seen in a very long time, the weather cooperated and and everything turned out well.

Old photos

A porch full of family

Son Jeremy, daughter Jessica, granddaughter Sierra and half sister Stephanie

We had flights back to Tucson on Monday afternoon.  The ride to Newark and our flights were without incident and we arrived back at Tucson ahead of schedule at 11 PM.

The view in Chicago airport terminal
View from the plane window

We will now get back into a normal routine of more exercise, healthy eating and that warm Arizona sun.  This year has been a great one for us but has gone way too fast.  We are done traveling for this year  and have no real definite plan for the next one, but rest assured it will be interesting.

Live long and well my friends, 
Twinkles and Slick

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