Monday, March 7, 2016

Rodeo, a hard hike and urgent care

February 22 - March 6, 2016:

View of the action

Vacation is over, it’s now time to get back to the grind here in Tucson.  The RV battery is going dead after two weeks of sitting idle, needs replacement along with the air filter and fuel filter.  The Windshields on the Jeep and the RV are cracked requiring replacement.  I need to clean the RV house batteries and I have new front shock absorbers to install on the the RV.  Also the Jeep is due for front brakes and tires.

Twinkles and I go to the Tucson rodeo parade on the 25th with two neighbors from the campground.  It is a long 2 hour parade and is well attended as schools are closed for the children to attend.  It is the largest all horse powered parade in the world, no motorized vehicles.  It is an amazing array of horses, mules and old wagons of every kind.

Many school bands

The native Americans on parade

Even a Cowboy for Bernie

High stepping horses

School wagons

Snenioritas riding people powered floats

I’ve been going on several hikes lately with the Canadian contingent.  The most recent 12 mile hike to Cochie Springs in the Tortolita Mountains nearly did me in.  I don’t do well in the heat and I didn’t drink enough water and really struggled all the way back.  I also slipped and fell on my little pinky finger which looks pretty messed up.  The hike was beautiful however to a spring with a old Windmill and signs of cattle in the area.

The Windmill

I recovered after a good shower and some happy hour refreshments.  Sue then suggested going to “Tinys Steakhouse” for dinner which is always good for me.  We invited others to join us as Bill has been salivating for some time about the dry rub wings at Tiny’s and the draft Guinness.  As the Canadians are super strict about driving under the influence and will not drive after a single beer, I became the designated driver.

Dining at Tiny's

On Saturday, I’m definitely coming down with a cold, I always get a bad one about this time of the year.  Unfortunately, sadly, I have to miss the oldies dance on Saturday Night.  

I need to get rid of this cold quickly, so on Sunday morning I head to the local Urgent Care.  Tucson has an epidemic of the flu presently and the waiting room is full of it.  I see a doctor, after a considerable wait, who feels it is a basic cold and prescribes some medicine.  He then looks at the finger, they take an X-ray which discloses that it is really broken.  I am referred to an orthopedic surgeon for follow up care.  
I then continue on to the Tucson Rodeo, feeling like crap, it’s a hot sunny day and even the beer tastes bad.  I actually leave before the end, but see plenty of the action.

Lots of young rodeo fans

Beautiful horses

Potential rodeo star ?

Out of the chute with mom and dad cheering

Laying down on the job

High jumper

High kicker


Mean !

Coors is the beverage of choice

The orthopedic doctor visit is about what I expected, sitting in a waiting room for an hour and a half, seeing the doctor for a few minutes, a look at the X-ray and a plastic sleeve to immobilize the finger joint.  I can’t wait to see what they bill for this ?  I need to wear this for the next two months, but it is easy.

My friend for the next two months

In the parking lot is an ultra cool 53 chevy pickup truck that catches my eye.

A cool ride

This cold is not cooperating at all and really messing with my social activities.  Twinkles on the other hand has not missed a Happy Hour. After 5 days of quarantine , I finally made an appearance for the mega birthday celebration for Hughes and Judy.

The birthday cake

Saturday night I venture out out to see a touring musician, Mean Mary, perform at Monterey Court.  The place was packed, obviously everyone read her bio which was quite remarkable to the point of being somewhat unbelievable.  Mary was there with her mother who also figures prominently in the story. Mary wrote and performed her first song at age five using the “Mean Mary” stage name.  Regardless, she is now an excellent multi-instrument musician and vocalist who has been touring nationally for a number of years. Mary and her mother Jean have co written a book titled "Wherefore Art thou Jane" which they say has received critical acclaim.

Mean Mark James

Listening to the car radio on the way to the show, I find that Bob Margolin is going to be performing at Boondocks Lounge on Sunday evening.  The same Bob Margolin who was a guitar playing member of the Muddy Waters Blues Band from 1973 to 1980.  The same Bob Margolin who also performed with Muddy Waters on the “Last Waltz”.  Harmonica great, Bob Corritore, is also joining him along with drummer Byron Fahey for the show.  This is a show that can’t be missed if you are a blues lover.  It turned out to be a show that exceeded my expectations.  Bob Margolin was great playing a good mix of his new stuff and old Muddy Waters stuff.

Bob Corritore and Bob Margolin

That's all for this post, Twinkles and Slick


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  1. Sorry to hear about the flu and the broken finger. I am sure it was a disappointment that you had to miss out on some activities. My wife also recently broke her finger and it was a pure accident, she accidentally fell while cycling. Please recover soon and get back to sharing your life with us!