Saturday, May 21, 2016

Carson City, Nevada

May 11 - 13, 2016:

It was a clear beautiful ride north on route 395 from Lee Vining to Carson City, Nevada.  This 395 corridor on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is non stop beauty and tons of campsites.  I stopped for a while in the town of Bridgeport to wander around.  They have the historic Bridgeport Inn, a couple of great sporting goods shops and the beautiful Mono County Courthouse built in 1880.  
We arrived at the Gold Dust West Casino around noon where we will enjoy a full hookup campsite for a couple of days.  It is right in Carson City on route 50, lots of traffic noise, but we actually have a scenic view across a green grassy meadow to the Sierra Mountains.

The Mono County Courthouse is a beauty

The Bridgeport Inn which Mark Twain stayed at and
is reputed to be haunted by the "White Lady"

We are mainly here to meet up with the insurance adjuster to inspect our roof as we have been to Carson City in the past.  If you have to get stuck somewhere for repairs, this is a good spot, lots of attractions, restaurants, bars, shopping and especially casinos !

Cactus Jack's Casino lights up nicely at night

The Nugget Casino is extremely loose ?

The Pony Express came through town

I didn't go in, but liked the graphics and the message

The insurance adjuster meets us at the campground to go over the damages.  He was very thorough and helpful, so far I’m much impressed with Progressive Insurance.  The proper repair is for a full rubber roof replacement and he advised that this could be a lengthy repair process considerably disrupting our travel plans.  He felt the that the temporary repairs should be okay if we prefer to do the repairs at a latter date when more convenient.   

We visited the Nevada State Museum as we had missed it on our last visit to Carson City back in early October of 2013.  As expected it had great exhibits, but we had to avoid a bus load of school kids.

A great Tahoe Beer advertisement

Old gaming table

Harold's Club license plate topper

Silver service on the USS Nevada battleship, why ?

Plenty of vintage weapons

I went to the “Old Globe Saloon” to take a look as it is one of the oldest Saloons in Carson City, built in 1875.  It was decorated with many old photos, signs and newspaper articles, a very nice establishment.  There were two other locals in there and I only wanted to stay for one beer when this guy buys me a beer.  That always seems to happen when you really don’t want another one.

Old Globe Saloon's red neon glow

I also checked out the “Whiskey Tavern” a few miles away on route 50.  The term “Dive Bar” is so overused these days, but this place is the real deal with a very rough looking crowd.  Lots of cigarette smoke, gravely intoxicated voices, dangerous looking people doing shots and beer, a dangerous mix.

It's dark and seedy

I went over my roof patches to redo a couple of them and seal the edges with Dicor sealant as we plan to defer permanent repairs until sometime latter.  If necessary, I will buy some asphalt roof coating and plaster it all over the patched area.

I went on a solo adventure in the afternoon to the town of Garderville, walked around, went into an antique shop, bought a $2 picture, then went in Sharkey’s Casino.  Sharkey’s is an historic Casino which opened in the 1940’s as “The Bubble Room” and then was bought by Milo Sharkey in 1971.  Recently a new owner has done a nice tasteful renovation on the building.  I had some luck on a slot machine and cashed out with a profit of $52, then headed across the street to the “French Bar” for my reward, a nice cold beer.  It was pretty crowded for a Friday afternoon and very interesting with a pool table, shuffleboard table, old photos and several deer heads adorning the walls.  The antique shop and the bar both had Tom Petty music playing, I thought that strange, but I liked it !

World Famous Sharkey's Casino

There were many Basque Sheepherders in the
Garderville area

A Frenchman too !

There is another Schat’s Bakery in Carson City, this makes three of them we have been to with different first names.  It seems that other family members are capitalizing on the reputation and they all have virtually the same bakery items as the flagship store in Bishop, California.  According to the internet, it’s not a franchise, they are all individual owned and operated, but obviously all of them are following the same formula.

Next stop is Susanville, California,
Twinkles and Slick

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