Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Desert Trails-Tucson, Arizona

November 14, 2012:

We traveled to Desert Trail RV Park just outside of Tucson, Arizona on November 11th.  It's an easy haul from Phoenix after you get through the crazy traffic on Route 10 around Phoenix, (I won't miss that).  We arrived in early afternoon, had a choice between 5 camp sites, we walked the area to look at them, (always a tough decision) and picked the winner. I managed to back the rig in without running over the cactus landscaping by about an inch. I plugged the power cord in and nothing, a dark display on the surge guard, so I plugged in to the adjacent unoccupied post and all was good.  Eventually, we found that the circuit breaker for our site was tripped in the main panel, it was reset and is now OK. 

The Desert Trail RV Park is in a beautiful setting, they have a trail on the edge of the campground that leads to Saguaro National Park West.  Twinkles was so excited about the trail, she was out of bed, dressed and on the trail by 7:10 AM.  She claims to have even seen (I wasn't there) a coyote and a jack rabbit. Of course, this only happened because I had bet her she couldn't get up and out that early and this is proof positive that she is indeed a stubborn, (but lovable),  woman.  

We attended the Monday AM park activities meeting for the free donuts and walked into a room full of people going over lots of park activities for the coming month.  The donuts were all gone !  They have lots of activities going on, something for everyone it seems, even quilting !  Twinkles is already signed up for the breakfast potluck this Friday and the Thanksgiving dinner.  Twinkles is loving this place already, I'll have a hard time getting her out of here.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to the nearby Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and on Wednesday we are signed up for a campground group hiking trip.

More will be revealed.

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