Monday, November 5, 2012

Another week in Phoenix

November 4, 2012:

Another week gone by forever, but at least it was a interesting one.  If you live on the east coast you might disagree.

We went hiking on Monday in the White Tank Mountains on the Mesquite trail thinking about hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, as we walked in the desert landscape under the relentless Arizona sun. This western landscape has been totally reshaped by shifting land masses and climatic changes over the eons.  The hurricane is now doing the same in New Jersey.  Everyone should read John McPhees book, "The control of nature" about man's attempts to contain and control nature in areas now heavily populated. 

I heard the sad news about the sinking of the old wooden ship "The Bounty" in hurricane Sandy.  I remember seeing that ship at the "Privateer festival" in Fells Point, Maryland a couple of years ago.  It was a beautiful old wooden ship, fully restored, very impressive. 
I also saw the sad news reports on TV showing the damage to the Jersey Shore, several of my favorite areas took a direct hit and are torn up real bad. 

The local Phoenix news reports were switching back and forth between Hurricane Sandy updates and about hikers at nearby Camelback Mountain who were attacked by killer bees, one hiker fell 100 feet to his death getting away from the bees. Hiking can really be dangerous ! 

The bee attacks did not deter us, we went hiking again on Wednesday at the White Tanks on the Ford Canyon Trail to the old dam site.  An excellent hike, the first 1 1/2 miles is fairly flat through nice stands of Saguaro then the trail climbs another 1 1/2 miles up into the mountains following a huge wash, then up to the old dam site.  Six miles of great terrain and views !  Back at the campground, the hot tub and pool sure felt good !   

It wasn't all fun and games, I decided to clean and conditioning the rubber roof of the RV using the spray bottle and sponge mop method.  It was a learning experience, my first time, (maybe the last?), actually the hardest part was carrying everything up and down the ladder. It really wasn't much fun !

We visited town of Carefree, Arizona on Friday and by chance ended up a the Carefree Fine Art and Wine festival.  The fine art was high end $$$ and above our budget but fun to look at and we did buy a couple of small $ items.  We then went a mile down the road to the sister town of Cave Creek, kind of like the evil step sister, lots of saloons, biker bars, fun, etc.  If you are in the area, these two towns are a must see !  

Then a big Friday night out for me to the Rhythm Room in Phoenix for a benefit show for "Kid Ramos" who is battling cancer.  I'm sure you all know him ?, don't feel bad, I didn't either, but everyone at the Rhythm Room sure seemed to.  He is a california blues guitar player who most recently played with the Mannish Boys, check him out on Wikipedia.  It was an impressive gathering of local blues fans and musicians. 

The family scene on Saturday afternoon, we all went out to Famous Dave's BBQ for dinner.

"Day of the Dead" celebration today at Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  You heard it here, I predict this will be the next major go out and party day in the US.  It has it all, it is a meaningful, historic, colorful, celebratory event where you get to dress up in cool clothes, make cool alters for your dearly departed, get your face painted, dance, hear good music, eat and drink.  Leave Halloween to the kids!!! 

Twinkles and I are watching the Ken Burns documentary, "Prohibition" and I am wondering why those were the good old days ?  It was crazy back then, don't want to go back there !  We are living the good days now !  

 Cholla Cactus

White Tank Mountains hike

Twinkles on the trail

Nice Barrel Cactus

Twinkles navigating the rocks

Indian Village shop in Cave Creek

Day of the Dead festival

White Tank Mountains hike

View from Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Day of the Dead festival

Day of the Dead festival

 Day of the Dead festival

Phoenix Botanical Garden

Phoenix Botanical Garden

Barel Cactus with fruit

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