Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home again

January 10, 2013:

I'm back at Desert Trails again after my short New Jersey trip.  It's a bit weird, but the "Tin Can" seems like home now, never thought that would happen ?  

The Good:
  • After leaving Newark airport, stopping at IKEA's for dinner, those sweedish meatballs are one of my favorite meals. 
  • Visiting Hightstown and the old neighborhood
  • Taking a full sized shower again
  • My favorite Quatemalan sweet rolls at Guata Pan bakery  
  • A pork roll sandwich at the Hightstown Diner, don't understand the lack of pork roll nation-wide ?
  • Getting the old 38 Dodge started and out of storage and back on the road for several drives.  
  • Going to the Salt Creek Grille near Princeton with Jeremy to see a local blues band, Mikey Jr, and catch up with a few friends who were there. 
  • Going to the Camden Aquarium with Jeremy and granddaughter Sierra, Sierra had great fun with the turtles, getting her face painted and basically just running around. 
  • Watching the football game at Fridays, with beer and half price appetizers with Jeremy, Sierra and Jeremy's step sister Stephanie, even though the Redskins lost.
  • Sunday night Blues Jam at Kenny's to see Steve Guyger and the Excellos, with Richard Ray Farrell and a few others.  Several of my blues friends were there and it was great to see them all again.
  • Breakfast at the Roadside Diner then a ride along the Jersey Shore from Asbury Park to Sandy Hook to check out the damage to some of my favorite places.
  • The best part was just spending much time with my son Jeremy, Bonnita and especially granddaughter Sierra. Sierra showed me all her toys, was cute as could be and gave me many hugs and kisses.

The Bad and Ugly:
  • Red Roof Hotel staff who somehow were counting 7 nights stay, for Jan 3 -8, and trying to charge me another night.
  • Hour long line at airport security with airport attendants who were speaking English with an accent that could barely be understood
  • Really rough turbulent flight from Newark to Denver had me thinking; I never want to fly again.

While I was having a great adventure, Twinkles hung out with her quilting group friends, went shopping, bought a bookcase and assembled it herself and did much cleaning and organizing.  She also took the Dually out, such a strong independent woman and sent me a text massage saying "Real women drive duallys".

We are now getting set here for a cold front that is going to give us temperatues in the 20's at night, hopefully the water piping doesn't freeze.  It may be colder here than than in New Jersey !  I was at the local hardware store and they were selling a lot of pipe insulation.  

We may have to throw on another quilt tonight to stay warm.

Jeremy and Sierra

Pop Pop aka Slick with Sierra

Nice face painting

This turtle seemed to be swimming for her

Sierra trying to each it

Sierra and Dad posing in fish tank

Running and out into the sunlight again !

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