Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

January 1, 2013:

December 31, 2012 started off dreary with rain, clouds and cold temperatures, but as is often the case here it cleared up in the afternoon.  In fact spectacular big white puffy cumulus clouds developed in the afternoon, beautiful and I just had to go out with the camera for a while.  

Twinkles was a food server at the New Years Eve dinner here at the campground and she was relieved to know that she would be not be required to carry meals out on a tray !  

I didn't know who I would be seated with for the meal and was a little concerned about that while waiting outside to go in, as I overheard a conversation.  This man was explaining to another man how he hasn't lost his swiss army knife since his son bought  him a leather belt holster and how wonderful it is to always have the knife handy. I was hoping I wouldn't be next to them !  
Then Karen, Sue's quilting friend and another dinner volunteer asked if I was OK (she knows I am pretty quiet) to be seated next to this guy from Indiana who talks a lot.  (Mark, do you have a brother ?) Anyhow, it turned out great, he was a brand new RV full timer, single, retired, ex-elementary school teacher and a real unique character, a bit eccentric, which I appreciate.  Across the table was another new interesting RV'er who was a Colorado River raft guide for 30 some years.  On my other side were two couples, long time RV'ers, comparing notes about staying at gated RV parks in Branson, MO.  It was all interesting conversation.

The dinner was a choice of Steak, Shrimp, or BBQ Ribs, with salad, rolls and baked potato followed by a large desert table.  The food, except desert, was paid for by the campground, but cooked and prepared by volunteers with planning and coordination from the Desert Trails owner.  It seemed to go as planned and the meal was very good.  Afterwards, the tables were cleared and moved around to make space for a dance floor and they had a 7 piece dance band, it was a BYOB arrangement with music till midnight. I'm not a fan of these dinner dance things, remembering back to old family weddings at the firehouse, enough said.  It was mostly dancing to 50's through 70's oldies music, not that much drinking, no one passed out, no drunks or fights. Fun, but not much to talk about.  

Prior to the dinner, I was looking back through my photo catalog trying to pick out just 100 photos to print from the 6,000 I have taken since July, (a hard task) when it really hit me.  Wow, what a great year this has been !  Can it get any better?

Happy Days Indeed !!!

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