Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in Phoenix

November 27-28, 2013:

We hit the road leaving Cottonwood at 9 AM taking Route 260 east to Route 17 south, 5 miles uphill, then all high speed downhill from there into the Valley of the Sun, also known as Phoenix.  No holiday traffic issues, no rain, no snow, no wind, clear sailing all the way.  We arrive at Destiny RV Park at noon, our second time in this park, an easy pull through full hookup site.  We set up, relax a bit, then go visit the family.  My brother-in-law, John went out to KFC and came back with a family sized feast of fried chicken.  It's been many years since I've had any KFC, almost a nostalgic moment for me !

Thanksgiving was great, too much food, but wouldn't want it any another way.  Great to see my Mom, my sister Marie, brother-in-law John, nieces Cindy and Angie and great niece Tatum. 

Tatum performing for us

Twinkles and Tatum setting the table

Marie and the big Turkey

Twinkles and Tatum working on the string bean casserole

Thanksgiving table with John in rear

Mom, Cindy, Marie, Paul, Angie, Tatum and Sue at the table

That's me with mom Marion and sister Marie

The fruit trees at Destiny RV Park were loaded with fruit, we rounded up a few oranges and lemons.  Didn't even make it to the excellent pool or hot tub.  A short stay, leaving on Friday morning heading south to Organ Pipe National Monument right on the Mexican border.

More to follow,
Twinkles & Slick

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