Monday, December 23, 2013

Desert Trails week 3

December 16 - 23, 2013:

On Monday morning, we learn that a trip to the local post office, inside a small gift shop, next to a large snow bird trailer park a week before Christmas is not a smart idea.  There was a line to the doorway and the seniors on their golf carts driving in the parking lot could easily have been a subject for a U-tube video. Latter in the day, at 2 PM I ventured to the recreation hall for the music jam which I find quite entertaining, but it sure could use some young blood in the mix.  

I broke down and bought a new camera to replace the current one that is starting to fall apart after 2+ years and 20,000 + photos.  Cameras get more complex each year with menus on top of menus and all sorts of bells and whistles, I can hardly stand it.  It was a package deal and came with a huge professional model printer that is virtually free, but is kind of large and heavy (42 lbs) for the RV.  I plan to use it while here, or until the ink runs out as the print quality is fantastic, then I don't know what I'll do with it.  Anyone need a great printer at a bargain price ?

unusual cloudy day in the desert

Nice cloud formations caught my attention
On Monday evening, the circle area of the campground had a luminera display and open house with campfires, hot cider, hot chocolate and munches.  Everyone brings some kind of food, mostly rich sugary deserts guaranteed to give you an immediate sugar buzz.  It is an annual campground event, very festive that draws a big crowd.   

Tuesday night we went with campground friends to hear a young high school mariachi band perform out in the Catalina foothills area of Tucson.  They were very talented and polished performers for their age.  Twinkles is taking a Spanish class at the campground, studying hard and doing very well, but could not understand a word in the fast paced Spanish songs.  Have no fear she will master this in no time.

Meanwhile, back at the campground, they had a String Band performing that turned tragic, (horribly tragic), one of the musicians in the middle of the performance, dropped dead.  I'm sure glad I missed that show !

High school Mariachi Band

In addition to sewing, working in the library, spanish class, game night, Twinkles is taking a Gourd class.

The Gourd project is looking good

Thursday, I went on a campground group hike on the the Pima Canyon Trail in the Catalina foothills.  It was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, a great trail and much interesting conversation, these hikes are as much a social event as a hiking event. There was even water flowing at the dam in the canyon.  The desert vegetation is so much greener this winter due to the recent substantial rainfall.  Thursday night a cold front moved in and we had some light rain overnight, then heavy clouds and more light rain showers on Friday.  Interestingly, the temperature here was 49 degrees in mid afternoon, exactly the same as back home in Hightstown, New Jersey.

The hiking club on the trail
We have found the local Pima County library, where you can easily get a library card, take out up to 25 books.  They have a nice modern building with computers, tables, chairs, books, magazines and good internet.  Since the WiFi is so poor at the campground, I will be spending considerable time there this year.  

Friday night I'm drawn back to downtown Tucson to the "Plush" for another round of live music. There is always much street activity on 4th Avenue where Plush is located so I usually start with a walking cruise around the block.  The first band, the Wayward Saints, started about 9:30 and was very good, but there not much of a crowd, too quiet !  The second band came on at 10:45 and I didn't like their name, their look, their music at all so I left about 11:00 and headed back to the campground.  As I went through downtown there was a huge crowd at the Rialto Theater for a concert there, which explains somewhat the lack of a crowd at the Plush. Should have gone to the Rialto ? 

Saturday, Twinkles and I were back to 4th Avenue again to shop and have lunch.  We ended up at the "Bison Witches" that was packed with diners, we had to wait 10 minutes for a table, but it was worth it. The sandwiches were delicious and huge, I had half a sandwich and great cream of potato soup in a bread bowl.  

Bison Witches

I have been eating like a hog lately so on Sunday it was going to be a big hiking day for me. It was a 7 mile roundtrip hike to the top of Wasson Peak, the highest point in the Tucson Mountains at 4,687 feet.  It is very rocky and moderately steep in sections giving me a good workout.  Then I return to the campground and eat a healthy German hotdog from the food truck.

The distant mountains are calling

Classic cactus view

The city of Tucson in the distance from the trail

Another trail view

Many old mines are in the area

Since the rain, the Ocotillo's have sprouted
leaves and are starting to flower

Indian grinding holes used to grind seeds

Indian Petroglyphs in the rocks

My beard is now fully grown in and it's feeling a lot more like Christmas.  This is a good RV look, no shaving saves water and razor blades and it is hiding all sorts of winkles, loose jowls and multiple chins, I love it !  Do not fear, I won't end up looking like the Duck Dynasty guys.

We are headed to Phoenix to celebrate Christmas with my sisters family and my mother, so we have opened our presents early this year.

New grill, I'm getting too old for that Charcoal stuff

Twinkles new cruiser

Happy birthday to my daughter Jessica today and a Merry Christmas to all.

Good Night,
Twinkles and Slick

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