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Desert Trail week 4

December 24 - 31, 2013:

I'm watching the birds through our very dirty RV rear windows, (another overdue cleaning task).  There are so many birds here, we have hummingbirds, quails, doves, woodpeckers, cardinals, sparrows, goldfinches, chickadees and even a roadrunner to name a few.  We found that the woodpeckers love the hummingbird feeder also, they are on it as much as the hummingbirds.  There are so many bird feeders in this campground, I'm surprised the birds can still fly.

Tuesday was a bright, sunny travel day to Phoenix, always good, and the trip was uneventfull.  At the Perduk household we find Angie making batch after batch of cookies, a huge pile of presents around the Christmas Tree and Tatum dying to open them.   In the evening, while they all go to church, Twinkles and I stay at the house with Mom and watch "Christmas Story".  You can never tire of watching that classic movie.  On return, Tatum is super hyped up about Christmas morning and the huge pile of presents waiting for her to open.

The Perduk Christmas Tree

Ralphie with Santa

 Christmas day Tatum is ready to go at 7 AM, but had to painfully wait until 8 AM when Aunt Cindy arrives.  After stalling as long as possible and mush begging, Tatum is allowed to open one small present from us.  It is a gag present that Twinkles warns her about over and over.  She pays no attention and opens it up to find a package of fried grasshoppers upon which she pretty much freaks out, tears and all.  That did calm her down somewhat !  Shortly after 8 AM the present opening begins and continues for about two hours, so many gifts !  The "Hello Kitty" store made much money on this family.  The rest of the day was typical Christmas; movies, new toys, games, excessive food, cookies, chocolates and a needed walk around the block. 

Tatum is Hello Kitty to the max

And the hot item this year, rubber band bracelets

Marie cutting the  Ham

We said our goodbyes and left Phoenix at noon on Thursday.  Back at Desert Trails in the RV, it seemed dealthly quiet compared to the Perduk household.  Somehow, we came back with much more food than we left with and feel a need to start dieting soon.  Maybe next week ? 

Friday evening Desert Trails entertainment was a group called "Rondstadt Generations" that is a made up of Michael J. Rondstadt and his sons Michael G. and Petie.  The Rondstadt family is a very prominent Tucson family who go back many generations to the early days of city. The original Rondstadt started a blacksmith shop, which became a large carriage making factory and then a large hardware store.  They also have deep musical roots and are best known for Linda Rondstadt, who is the sister of Michael J. Rondstadt.  They are certainly one of the best groups to play at Desert Trails.  

Saturday we returned to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum for the first time this year.  We actually went there on Friday afternoon, but could not find a parking spot, so we went back in the early morning on Saturday.  Needless to say, it is very popular place and this is a peak time of the year.  We spent all morning there and saw the great Raptor show.  The Great Horned Owl and the Red Tailed Hawk put on fantastic flying exhibitions.  The Hawk in particular, one minute it was far in the distance riding the thermals, then within seconds it was swooping down right over our heads at full speed for a feeding.   We then stopped for lunch at "Coyote Pause", a favorite breakfast spot of ours (and everyone else) that we have wanted to try for lunch.  It did not disappoint us !  

Great Horned Owl

Red Tailed Hawk coming in for a landing

Flicker Woodpecker in Saguaro Cactus nest

Sunday was a loner day for me going off to Tucson Mountain Park for a new camera testing session.  I am almost understanding how it works now, that's progress.  I then wandered around Tucson from 12th street to 6th street to 4th Avenue in search of interesting sights.  They always seem to be in poor areas of South Tucson where I feel a bit out of place. Lots of old adobe buildings all over this area. 

Mission San Xavier Del Bac

Mission San Xavier Del Bac

Nice spot to sit and contemplate

Another special spot

South Tucson welcome sign

Street side tile art work and a great Yucca plant

Murals in 6th street parking lot

Beautiful school building in Tucson

The usual great New Years eve dinner at the Desert Trail recreation Hall was a packed house followed by a live band and dancing to welcome in the New Year.

The New Years eve dinner at Desert Trails

Another year is done, it was a busy action packed adventure that went way too quickly.  In 2013, we put 19,100 miles on the dually, 4,250 pulling the RV and stayed at 42 campgrounds or camp sites, visiting (8) National Parks and several national monuments and state parks in California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.  We also spent 2 full months bondocking and another month dry camping in various parks and casinos.

Happy New Year to all,

Twinkles and Slick

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