Monday, February 10, 2014

Gems, minerals, beads and the Beatles

February 3 - 9, 2014:

Lots of very disgusted Colorado fans after the un-Super Bowl game.  I half watched half the game on Spanish TV, a different perspective, thought it might be better not understanding the play by play.  

Monday was back to the torture chamber, dentist that is to install my two permanent crowns.  Hopefully that is it for the year.  I now have two dentists in Arizona, one in New Jersey and one in California, that's enough.  Afterwards in the afternoon, I went to the Recreation Hall for the Monday jam session.  It is always interesting, the music tends to be old school country, there are old guys who still sound good along with novices who will never sound good.  There was even a blind guy with his seeing eye dog playing a banjo.  Then there was a young woman (under 50), very shy about getting on stage, who played the violin beautifully. 

I am getting serious now with my to do list on the RV, have to be ready for the road on March 1st.  The rear bumper is at a weld shop for repair, I have a new battery tray on order, I have various pipe clamps to improve and several other minor (to boring to mention) issues to address. We also need to get a bike rack and GPS units.

That didn't stop me from going out Wednesday evening back to LaCocina to see Lana Rebel and Kevin Mayfield.  I'm really liking their vibe and their strange mix of songs.  LaCocina has a great outside patio for dining, (with heaters), a small pub area with many local Tucson beers on tap and is surrounded by a interesting complex of artistic shops.  

Or stop me from going on the campground group hike on Thursday on the Blackett's Ridge Trail at Sabino Canyon, a very strenuous 6+ mile roundtrip rocky uphill hike.  It was a killer hike, I was sweaty, soaking wet by trails end where we took a lunch break.  It was over 4,000 feet elevation at trails end with great views, but it was a cold, cloudy day so we didn't linger up there for long.

Hiking group

View from the trail

View from the top

Friday was another Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the Kino Sports Complex area. There can't be any gems or minerals still left in the ground ?  Latter in the evening our friends Karen and Gary invited us to go to the Nimbus Brewery for dinner.  I had been wanting to go there and it is an interesting place with great beer.  They had a $5 cover charge and a live rock band that started to play at 6:30 which seemed weird to me for the dinner crowd.  

All kinds of exotic gems

Huge fossils

Lots of jewelry 

Saturday was a big family day with my sister Marie, brother-in-law John, niece Cindy and great niece Tatum coming to visit us from Phoenix to go to the gem and mineral show.  We went to several show sites and are now kind of suffering from gem and mineral show burnout. 

Huge Geodes

Beautiful !

Photos of Gem Stones

Twinkles with my sister, niece and great niece

Twinkles and Tatum

Sure would look good in the RV ?

These would fit better

Beautiful Mexican Pottery

The weather is definitely getting warmer now, the daily highs are climbing into the 70's with 80's (near record) forecast for next week.  That's HOT !!!  I'm getting back into the shorts frame of mind again.

It's Sunday night and I'm watching the The Beatles Grammy Salute to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I actually remember watching the original show although I cared about as much about the Beatles then as I do about Justin Bieber now.  They did eventually grow on me as time went on.  Hard to imagine I'm watching another Beatles spectacular 50 years latter in Tucson, Arizona.  

JoJo left his home in Tucson, Arizona……………..
Get Back !!

Twinkles and Slick

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