Monday, February 24, 2014

Rodeo days

February 17-23, 2014:

I reluctantly sold my Honda Generator to someone in the campground.  I hope the built-in Onan on the RV is as reliable as it was ?  We also put another pile of stuff out front for sale, a few things have sold, the rest will now be free and if that doesn't work, into the dumpster.

I crammed in a lot of musical and Rodeo entertainment during the week;  

Monday night I went to the Chicago Bar in Tucson to see the Rondstadt Generation play.  They play there every Monday night and seem to have a dedicated following.  They should as they are really good and can play about anything.  The Chicago Bar actually does have a Chicago theme to it, but mostly of sports teams and beer signs.  There is a good stage and dance floor and they have live music several nights each week.  They were a few couples who could really dance well to the western country swing stuff, (that's probably not what they call it). The guys here seem to love to dance, I'm not used to seeing that, kind of weird. 

Bright lights of Chicago

Tuesday was a husband and wife duo called "Laughing Bird" at the campground.  This couple, Tupe and Janey, have been performing together since 1978 and although a bit overly comical and enthusiastic for my taste, were actually really funny, interesting and super talented.  Their shows always include Janey's famous "Red Dress" number where they do this song where Janey pulls concealed items (must be a dozen things) out of the top of her low cut red dress including a full size golf club and fishing pole.  In addition, Tupe plays several instruments and is a great guitar player when he gets serious and Janey was amazing with spoons.  They travel in an RV and perform at many RV parks and were truly great.

Wednesday night was a return to La Cocina in Tucson to see Lana Rebel and Kevin Michael Mayfield perform.  I love these guys and have become one of their biggest fans of late.  Wednesday was also a big lunch gathering put on by the campground with money saved during the year due to recycling.  Practically everyone attended and brought a dish to share.  The food was great !  

Campground lunch feast

Thursday was a really busy, tiring, great day for me because it was all about the rodeo and I love the rodeo.  First was the Rodeo parade, the largest non-motorized parade in the country, probably the world.  After about 3 hours I was wondering if there was a end.  It is a school holiday in Tucson, so the kids can see it and a real family event.  

Have a Coors, support the Rodeo

Must have been a hundred wagons like this

And beautiful horses

Vaqueros showing their roping skills

and several rodeo queens

and the next generation of cowboys, I want that shirt !

So many horses !

and pretty senorita's 

Afterwards was a parade of street sweepers
After 3 hours in the sun, ice cream was needed

Then it was the 89th annual Tucson Rodeo, better known as ,"La Fiesta de los Vaqueros".   Not sure why I love the rodeo so much, I don't care for animals that much, actually hardly at all, but I marvel at the speed, agility, power and grace of the horse and rider.  I feel like I'm watching ballet at the rodeo !  I also love the look, the clothes, the dorkiest guy can put on a some Wranglers, cowboy boots and hat and look like a stud.  I can't even look at the cowgirls, too hot to handle !  I sometimes feel a little disoriented, like I was meant for another time or place, maybe there is something to reincarnation?

The opening riders

Bronco riders were exceptional, he's hanging onto his hat

That's really stretching it all out

Women barrel racers

One minute you're looking good

Next minute, you're ejected

I didn't know that ?

A young rider with a good look

This young girl was a beauty and won her event a minute latter

The bronco riders getting tapped up in the chutes

That's flying !

Nice throw

This is true

Thursday evening we went to Los Nopales restaurant (the Prickley Pear) which is only a few miles away, a very small BYOB type mexican restaurant with great food.  It is like home cooking with fast service and low prices.  (not to insinuate that my home cooking is slow and expensive)  Our first visit this year, but every time we have gone there, it has been crowded and the food has been great, they are on to something there.  

Friday I had to buckle down, back to work on the RV reinstalling my re-welded rear bumper and installing a Surge Protector on the RV. The Surge protector was an easy install but gave me a scare when I powered it up and the display said code E10 - replace surge module.  I took another look inside the unit and then saw that one of the internal connectors to the circuit board was off.  After plugging it back in, all was good.  I have decided not to mount the spare tire back on the rear bumper and instead get rid of it, although I may save the wheel.  There is no room underneath for it.  It will be roadside assistance from here on if we get a flat !

Saturday was spent running around Tucson to a quilting fabric store, then lunch at "Beyond Bread", then Sam's Club and finally to the "Boot Barn" for a new belt.  We are gearing up for our departure from Tucson on March 4th, lots to do in the next week.  I bought another GPS unit for the RV as Twinkles plans to drive the jeep and stop at all the quilt stores along the way, I am now on my own with no navigator !

Sunday was back to the rodeo for the finals, I even wore my cowboy boots !  I think I've now had my fill of rodeo for a while. 

Happy Trails,
Twinkles and Slick

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