Friday, October 3, 2014

Fillmore, Utah

October 2 - 4, 2014

Back on the loneliest road, route 50, again and it does live up to it's reputation.  A fuel stop was made at the Border Inn, the sign said the next road service was 90 some miles.  As usual there was very little traffic, no wind for a change and great sunny driving conditions.  Around 145 miles latter we are pulling into the Wagons West RV Park in Fillmore, Utah.  We have a full hookup site, working WiFi and cable TV at the 1/2 price Passport America rate.  The sites here are 100 feet long, room for two large RV's !

The fuel stop on the Utah-Nevada border

The lonely road ahead

Sevier Lake along the route reminded me of the Salt Flats

Fillmore was and still is a Mormon stronghold in a lush green irrigated farming and ranching valley.  The Mormon settlers named this town for US president Millard Fillmore most likely for political gain. The Mormon goal was to establish a separate state, called "Deseret", covering a huge part of the west.  Instead they ended up with a territory, roughly present day Utah, with Brigham Young as it's governor.  Young decided that centrally located Fillmore was to be the capital and started construction of a capital building with $20,000 from the US government.  There was considerable controversy over how the money was being spent and further money was cut off.  As a result, the building was downsized from it's original grandiose plans.  Eventually Salt Lake City became a more preferred location and the Capital was moved there in 1858.  The building was then used for various purposes, fell into disrepair and then was saved by the "Daughters of Utah Pioneers".  It is now the Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum and is loaded with mormon artifacts and exhibits. 

The original Utah State Capital

The stone masons were proud of their work and signed their names 

Plaque on the building

Artist rendering of the planned Capital building

Drawing of Indian camp

Museum hallway was covered with old Mormon photos 

There were no timeouts !

Teachers had it tough too !

After the capital moved, Fillmore sort of fell into obscurity and is now mostly a small farming/ranching community and a rest stop on route 15.  It is the Millard County seat and is a nice clean town with many services. Mormon history is deeply imbedded in this place. 

Fillmore Motel sign

Old Avalon Theater

It appears there was one bar in town, it's now closed

Welcome banner

Tree mural on building

Downtown Fillmore view

A classic Windmill outside of town

Along with the old corral

We are recharging our systems here before going back into the boonies for more dry camping somewhere around Moab, Utah.

Next stop is Canyonlands and Arches, Utah  

Twinkles and Slick

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