Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gems, Minerals and Gourds

February 1 - 8, 2015:

Twinkles and I went out for a hike on Monday afternoon, our first since early January and we were pathetically bad.  We so need to get out more regularly to get back in shape.

Trail view with a drooping arm Saguaro in foreground

These deer seemed to be fairly tame, they watched us for a
while and then only ran when we moved towards them

I go for a routine eye exam on Tuesday morning, it's been two years and things are getting a bit fuzzy.  It's just normal aging, all is well.  I went there expecting to get a bargain on new glasses, but after checking out the cheap frames decided that I needed the better ones, along with the better lens and then the special half price deal on the second pair.  As usual I spent way more than expected, but the eyes are of critical importance and I need to be able to clearly see the wonders around me.

Afterwards, we went downtown for our first Gem and Mineral Show tour of the season, always amazing.  The number of vendors, show venues and quantity of rocks, gem, beads and jewelry is almost beyond comprehension.  Also lots of interesting characters, one of the vendors appropriately said "the circus is back in town".  As I was walking past another strange looking vendor, he looked at me and said, "wouldn't it be terrible to be normal" to which I replied , "I don't worry about it much".  I believe the Earth may be out of balance now as so many rocks have been moved to this area of the world ?

fossils galore 

Rows and rows of exhibit tents and tables

Dinosaur bones of all types 

Shark teeth too !

Turtles too !

Twinkles went with me to LaCocina for dinner and to see my favorite Tucson musical duo, Lana and Kevin.  Twinkles reluctantly admitted that she liked them although way too many sad songs for her.  She just wants to hear silly love songs, which is not in their repertoire.  There is always something a little weird going at LaCocina, tonight it was a love struck couple making out in front of the stage, (to the mostly sad depressing songs) it was both entertaining and distracting at the same time.

Thursday we went for another hike, it seems that Twinkles knee shows improvement after getting a cortisone shot last week.  We felt and did much better on this second hike of the week. We finally found the right trail that from Kinney road that gets us onto the Yetman trail to the saddle with beautiful views in all directions.

Trail view

Way to Gates Pass

View from the saddle
We are in the midst of a nice stretch of sunny, mild weather, actually near record high temperatures and it feels so good !  That leads into Friday's dermatology exam.  I get a thorough upper body exam with them taking biopsy's of a couple of questionable things on my chest and freezing a few spots on my forehead.  My days of tanning in the sun are about over !

My sister Marie, nieces Angie and Cindy and  grand niece Tatum came to Tucson for the Gem and Mineral Show on Saturday.  We met them in the afternoon after Twinkles returned from a quilt and pottery shopping expedition with her friend Carol.  Not sure why we need these large heavy breakable china bowls, but it seems to keep Twinkles happy, that's important !

Locally made pottery bowls

Tables and tables of minerals of all kinds

Incredible sea fossils

Quartz Crystals

A form of turquoise 


My sister Marie and me

Sunday we are off to the town of Casa Grande an hour south of Tucson for the a huge gourd festival. The gourd making craft has taken off around here like crazy and is hugely popular.  Amazing what you can do with gourds.

Gourd with cut out leaf design

Brightly painted Gourd

I'm attracted to these with the drilled holes

Another favorite

Gourd made to resemble Indian pottery

Fairgrounds exhibit hall

Thousands of gourds for sale

That's all for now,
Twinkles and Slick 

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