Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Globe and Miami, Arizona

November 13- 14, 2015:

It was all route 70 west from Safford to the Gila County RV Park in Globe, Arizona.  This will be our third time in Globe and second time at this RV Park.  This is a poor depressed town with lots of history, struggling to develop some tourism. A few years ago they had an excursion train running out of a beautifully restored station here that attracted decent ridership.  The train was sold a few years ago and the restored station now sits vacant, not sure what happened?

Apache Country

We took a walk around town, not much has changed in a year, not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s comfortable here and good to be back. I was looked for new photos, but there wasn’t much, I ended up taking the same ones over again. Globe was a few good stories to tell such as that of George W.P. Hunt, mayor of Globe.  He came to Globe as a poor prospector and went on to become the 1st Governor of Arizona.  He eventually served as Governor of Arizona for seven terms, more than any other governor in any state.


The old Bank is a great one

A classic old sign in Globe

Art on a freight car near the campground

George W. P. Hunt and his wife

A favorite sight in Globe

I went out on Friday night to check out the “Drift Inn Saloon", one of the most classic old western saloon anywhere. It was built in 1902 and is one of the oldest continuously operating saloons in Arizona.  It has a great mural done by F.A. Olsen painted on one wall.  It’s always a weird crowd, a mix of Apaches, Hispanics and a few cowboy types.

The Drift Inn, love that sign

Old western mural on wall

I heard live music playing across the street at the "JammerZ Bar" which has a really nice outside patio area with fire pits and comfortable chairs.  The duo playing was doing a lot of Pearl Jam and Nirvana songs from the 1990’s and it sounded really great. It was unusual as about half the people were smoking either cigars or cigarettes, not used to the smoke anymore, but it's common here.


Outside of the bar

The Band

On Saturday, we took a ride to the nearby town of Miami.  Miami is a very sad place, sort of a ghost town, very poor, in spite of the billions of dollars worth of minerals still being removed from the surrounding mountains.  One thing is certain the mining companies have done little to nothing to support this town. There are a few antique shops here with good stuff, along with a few restaurants and a nicely restored ice cream parlor.

Miami Ave

Amen !

Don't think the VFW meets here anymore -

or stays here anymore -

They don't have advertising this interesting anymore -

or gas pumps of such design and character -

or soda fountains like this

but Coke has survived somehow ?

A most touching story, but Central Drug is 
now just another vacant building

We also went to the nearby Apache Gold Casino to test our luck.  Twinkles won a few bucks, I lost an equal amount, but it was fun.  As usual, it seemed like the entire Apache tribe was there gambling on the slots.

We had planned to make a couple of other stops before going to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, but have now decided to go straight to Phoenix from here without delay as my Mother has taken a sudden turn for the worse.

Next stop is Phoenix, Arizona;
Twinkles and Slick

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  1. I am always surprised when I enter an establishment that allows smoking. Where I came from, NJ, that was banned many years ago.