Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The City of Rocks

November 2 - 3, 2015:

A smooth 96 mile trip from Caballo Lake to City of Rock State Park along routes 25 - 26 - 180 - 61.  All wide open range land for the most part with little traffic, smooth sailing for the Hawk.

City of Rocks

City of Rocks State Park is an impressive sight as you go suddenly from rolling desert terrain to a mass of rocky spires.  This came about as a result of the huge “Kneeling Nun Volcanic eruption, 1,000 times more powerful than Mt. St. Helens about about 35 million years ago.  These are ash deposits that cracked as they cooled and over the millennium and have eroded into what you see today.  You are able to walk through this area in these wide cracks with towering spires on each side similar to walking down a city street.  The views in all directions are incredible, you can scramble up on top of rocks rather easily, make your own trail or take and a couple of established hiking trails.

This was originally Mimbres Indian country who crafted
beautiful artistic pottery that is copied today

Botanical Garden area

There is no stopping Twinkles

A pair of fine Yucca's growing in the rocks

View of the distant peaks behind the rocks

View on the edge of the rocks

All shapes and sizes of rocks

The trails are sort of a maze through the rocks

This campground is a beauty with lots of Yucca and Agave and the non electric sites are right amongst the rocks, some of the most scenic campsites anywhere.  We are in a large pull through electric and water site down in the flat area as Twinkles needs power to sew.


Park visitors center

This is the view from our campsite

I did a four mile mostly flat hike, that goes around the park perimeter, very nice, but walking amongst the rocks is far more interesting.  There are areas with circular groupings of rocks in the distance that makes me think of the Stonehenge.

A great Stonehenge like view

Another great view on the other side of the park

I have put two posts up almost at the same time, don't miss the other one on Caballo Lake State Park.

Next stop is a repeat visit to Silver City, it's a favorite place of ours; 
Twinkles and Slick

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