Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello out there,  This is Slick, aka gearslip, Pop-Pop or just Paul.  I drive the RV, maintain it, do the heavy lifting, take many photos (to come) and keep Twinkles in check as best I can.

Day 2, July 12:   We took a drive to the beautiful town of Jim Thorpe, PA and hiked on the Lehigh River Gorge rail trail.  It was great, only had to pick up Twinkles once when she tripped on the trail.  We then toured downtown Jim Thorpe with it's wonderful Victorian architecture and train station, it's a gem of a coal town !

Day 3, July 13:  On the road again with a very rough start due to a truck accident on Rt, 80 which forced us to modify our route. Our destination was Ives Run campground in Tioga, PA.  Ives Run is a Corps of Engineer recreation area.  We are relaxing here for six days, visiting old friends and getting into the RV frame of mind before proceeding further.  

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