Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 20, 2012
We arrived at the "Fox Den Campground" in New Stanton, PA on Thursday, July 19th just in time for a heavy downpour. It is an easy living campground, pull through spot with all the amenities.  Also has something akin to an old general store and a museum of old hunting, fishing, indian artifacts and hundreds of mounted dead animals covering all walls. Actually a very nice old school campground that I find comfortable.  We went for a ride on Friday to Latrobe, PA to visit the town famous for Mr. Rodgers, Arnold Palmer and the Rolling Rock Brewery.  We expected to find a folksy little town filled with happy people working in the happy brewery putting out the beer in the green bottles with the mystical 33 on them. We came away totally disillusioned, it's now owned by InBev of Belgium and it's just a large ugly plant with not even a Rolling Rock sign, no tour, no gift shop, no museum.  They should put up a sign saying "Keep Out".  We also walked around the town, not much activity, the only place that seemed busy was the Army-Navy store.  I did find a couple of cool old buildings so it was still good. Next adventure is downtown Pittsburgh ?   More will be revealed.

Fox Den Camp Store

Store interior

Totum Poles at store

Pond at Campground

Mozart Hall in Latrobe, PA

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