Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012 update

July  17, 2012

We are struggling to maintain this blog, but will persevere until we get it right.  We moved to Ives Run in Tioga, PA on July 11th for six nights.  Ives Run is an Army Corps of Engineers project and is a beautiful campground on Tioga-Hammond Lake.  We did not have a sewer hookup so it was a good learning experience on conserving waste water.  It also forced us to purchase another 25 foot length of power cable and 25 feet of water  hose to reach the service post. We also learned to always close the bathroom roof vent during a thunderstorm, (the hard way !).  On the positive side, we were across the road from a bathhouse with a really great shower !  We did some hiking there and I escaped for a few hours to the town of Wellsboro to explore.

Bright berries

Wellsboro Diner
Misty morning at the lake

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