Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello,  We are keeping very busy,
I'm finding it hard to take the time to update this blog.
On Saturday, July 21st we drove to downtown Pittsburgh, parking at the Point State Park area and visiting the Fort Pitt Museum.  It's a wonderful museum that gives you a good appreciation for the wild, turbulent times during the French and Indian Wars in the mid-1700's.  The French and the British were fighting to gain control of the land, with the native Americans caught in the middle trying to fight for the side most beneficial for them and then the new American immigrants pouring in and eventually taking everything from everyone else.  You think we have an immigration problem now in this country; the native Americans really had a problem!!!  After soaking up this violent, killing period of history , we watched a water balloon fight event involving hundreds of participants for charity in an adjacent park.  Now that's how wars should be fought !  Next it was a 20 minute walk over the bridge to the Duquesne Incline where we took a ride up and down and gearslip marveled over all the gears and cables.  We then walked around the downtown area, mostly closed on Saturday, took some photos until Twinkles starting getting a little tired, bored, hot and Testy and then ended up at Market Square where we had a cold adult beverage.  That calmed her down.  Then it was  back to the dually (now referred to as Lewis) and amazingly found our way out of the city and back to camp without getting lost !

Ft. Pitt Blockhouse, oldest building in Pittsburgh and only thing left of the original fort

Old 1700's Canon in Ft. Pitt museum

Pittsburgh skyline

DuQuesne Incline car

Incline gears and cables

View coming down on the Incline

Downtown building detail

Penn Station

ornate downtown clock

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  1. The photos so far have been stunning! I will have to show the Hubs the photo of Penn Station. Have you run into any letterboxers on the trails? Sounds like their kind of place! Be safe.