Monday, August 6, 2012

Maumee State Park

August 6, 2012;
We have been at Maunee State Park on the shores of Lake Erie just across the Maumee River from Toledo, Ohio since August 2nd.  It's a very well laid out campground with a public beach and lots of natural vegetation and ponds.  We've kept busy doing all sorts of things;

Farmers Market in downtown Toledo-Fantastic
Toured downtown Toledo on Saturday; the usual deserted downtown, mostly closed up, but lots of interesting buildings and sights, vibrant minor league baseball stadium for the Toledo Mud Hens
Dinner at the "Crazy Lady Saloon" real friendly local flavor establishment, Twinkles new favorite Summer Shandy beer on tap !
Nice hike on Maumee State Park nature center boardwalk trail
Lunch at Tony Packos with the internationally famous hungarian hot dogs amidst the walls of signed celebrity hot dog buns
Toured the "Falling Timbers Battlefield" adjacent to the "Falling Timbers Mall" where General Anthony Wayne's colonial forces defeated the indians resulting in a treaty that basically gave Ohio territory to the colonists
Visited the S.S. James M. Schoonmaker, a docked Great Lakes Ship that was once the Word's largest bulk freighter
Visited the Cedar Point wildlife preserve and the Ottawa National Wildlife Preserve

Wow, I'm tired ! photos to follow.  Another move day tomorrow, to Elkhart, Indiana for a short two day stay, Twinkles excited about quilting in the area !

Maumee Park boardwalk trail

Want to go for a swim ?

Big old ship

Toledo farmers market

Mud Hen's fan

That's good knitting

Packos autographed Hot Dog buns

Falling Timbers Monument

Relaxing on shores of Lake Erie


  1. Finally a reference to quilting! Not that the trip hasn't been grand so far, but we need our quilt fixes! Looking forward to those pictures!

  2. Nice legs! Sounds like you two are having a blast, I'm jealous. We are awaiting the hurricane here in Fort Myers. Doesn't look like it will be too bad but schools and work is cancelled. Anyway, happy travels!