Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rock and Roll-July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012:

Beautiful sunny day for a trip to Cleveland following GPS, it gets us almost there, but in a slow way, then gets us lost in a construction area.  I have determined that a good physical map is still best to find the most practical way to a destination.  We eventually get back on track using another GPS program on our phone and get parked in a nice convenient lot near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I love this technology !!!  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a modernistic looking all glass building right on the Lakefront, very bright and airy.  The exhibits are very well done, highlighting the history and roots of the music in an educational way without being boring.  I was personally intrigued by the punk rock period as I kind of missed that period entirely and in some weird way find it appealing.  The featured exhibit is currently; the Grateful Dead, the long strange trip and that it was. This was a band that was totally on another level of consciousness, possibly from another planet, in a class all by themselves.  I kind of missed them too, didn't really appreciate the free flowing, improvisational, soft melodic nature of their music but always thought the whole "Deadhead" thing was mystical and fun.  Strangely, I'm feeling a little "deadhead" spirit in this RV life?
Then as we go outside onto the street we see an endless line of mostly young people on their way to the Kenny Chesney concert.  A sort of an interesting parallel; the Gratefull Dead and the "deadheads" in the tie dyed clothing and the parade of young girls in their super tight short Daisy Dukes, brown cowboy boots and the signature Kenny Chesney cowboy hats.  Also quite a lot of beer drinking in this country crowd, reported latter as 46,000 in the paper.

Then back to the parking lot, now totally full of cars, I wonder if I can maneuver Lewis out, the space from the back of the truck to the car behind looks shorter that the length of the truck.  I told Twinkles we may be there until the concert is over, maybe we should buy tickets from that nice scalper guy down the street ?  Twinkles didn't even crack a smile, no country music allowed !  It was very tight, inches to spare, but we eventually worked it out.  These are things to always consider when parking this monster.

Then a stop at a store to buy a new drip coffee pot, can't deal with the french press pot any longer.  It gets put away until we truly boondock with no power.

Front view of the Hall

The long strange trip

Lobby interior

Harbor view of the Hall

Great Lakes ship docked next to the Hall

Street mural along route 14 heading into Cleveland

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  1. My daughter is a total "deadhead", my son is totally "heavy metal" (Slayer, Kiss). Made for interesting environment when they both lived at home! My husband always verifies the GPS with a current road atlas. It has actually saved us on more than one occasion! Enjoying your recounts of your travels!