Monday, August 20, 2012

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

August 20, 2012:

On the road again at 10 AM for Sioux Falls, South Dakota traveling across Minnesota on route 90 west through endless fields of corn, a huge ethanol fuel plant, a bald eagle flying up from the road to a tree top, endless wind turbines going off into the horizon and beyond and those spiritual looking cloud formations.  
  Another quick MacDonalds dollar menu pit stop for lunch (getting to be a habit) and then another stop for brochures at the South Dakota welcome center. 

We arrived at the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds Campground at 4 PM, easy full hook-up site, then checked out the empty fairground sights.  The fair was a week ago and it must be a good one, lots of exhibit buildings.  Kind of unique staying at an empty fairgrounds, somewhat haunting, but it has character and is close to downtown.

Sioux Falls has everything it seems, dumpy areas with casinos, dumpy bars and pawn shops, the usual miracle mile area and a very nice clean Phillips Avenue area downtown with lots of historic sites, restaurants, bars, museums, hundreds of street sculptures and a free trolley system to the Falls Park.  

The town gets it's name from the falls of the Sioux River and it is very impressive even in the present drought low water condition.  Lots of exposed Quartzite rock at the park, this area is known for it, the only harder rock is diamond, most of the prominent buildings downtown are made of it and it's beautiful.

View from Rote 52 

View from Route 90

Sioux Fall Fairgrounds

downtown tile mural

downtown bank building

Sioux Falls clock

The real Sioux Falls 

Phillips Avenue sculpture

The State Theater under restoration

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  1. Looks like you both are having fun! Love the pictures, especially the diner! Sierra has been asking about you...lets facetime soon!