Monday, August 13, 2012

Wyalusing State Park, Bagley, WI

Hi, Twinkles here today, thought I'd give Gearslip a break for a change.   
We are in Wisconsin now,staying at Wyalusing State Park near Prairie du Chein.  We are high on a bluff overlooking the Wisconsin River where it and the Mississippi River flow together - its just plain beautiful.   This picture is taken 20 feet from our campsite. 

Everyday we see something new and exciting - this morning it was raining a bit and gray so we drove to Cabela's - it's a huge one here, most likely a shipping warehouse.  Looked at all of the amazing camping things that we don't need, studied lots of dead stuffed animals (ick) and each bought a new pair of hiking shoes, which we did need.

After that, a quick tour of downtown Prairie du Chein, including a small purchase at a nice local quilt store, the Pickett Fence, and then lunch at a local hotspot where we sampled the specialty - beer battered and deepfried cheese curds.  Wow - amazing!  They are similar to fried mozzerella but 231 times better.  Maybe 232 times!

To get a bit of culture after our decadent morning,  Effigy Mounds National Park on Iowa was next.  Fascinating - we learned a lot; hiked up a giant hill to see the mounds and this stunning view of the Missippi river.  I got a new stamp in my NP Passport and a new medallion for my hiking stick.  Girly girl stuff ;)

The entire trip from northern Indiana to here has been beautiful - I had no idea all of these wonderful places existed. We are staying so busy that we totally missed blogging about our last stop, Lowden State Park in Oregon, IL.   One of the prettiest towns I've ever been with super-friendly people, a giant Indian statue, the scenic Rock River, the best tomatoes I've had in years, and (of course) another quilt shop, it's not to be missed!

That's it for today tomorrow is an all day hiking day - I'm sure Gearslip will have many new pictures. If you want to meet people in this part of the country, just carry a big SRL camera.  He gets a comment or question daily!  

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