Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Belle Fouche, SD

September 9, 2012:

A short pull to Wyatts Hideaway in Belle Fourche, SD, then we head downtown for a tour. It is major cattle ranch country here.  The town is at the confluence of the Redwater River, the Belle Fourche River and Hay Creek and the name Belle Fourche , meaning "beautiful fork" was given to it by the early french fur trappers.  Then the railroad came through town, things boomed and it became the largest cattle shipping location in the country for a period of time.  Lots of big cattle drives terminated in Belle Fourche.  The bank downtown was robbed by the infamous "Hole in the Wall gang".  Calamity Jane was known to frequent the town.  This was a happening spot in it's day, but now the downtown is depressed looking and half vacant, but there are some good signs.  They have a new river walk and a really good local history museum and Belle Fourche is the designated geographic center of the country since Alaska and Hawaii have become states.  They also have one of the best and oldest rodeo's in the country here on the 4th of July.  This entire area again becomes a boom town for a few weeks when the Sturgis bike rally is going on. 
We visited several attractions in the area; the beautiful town of Spearfish, SD where a woman pulled me off the sidewalk to show me the old bank safe, the spectacular Spearfish Canyon Road, the Bridal Falls, the Rough Lock Falls, the town of Lead, SD famous as the site of the largest gold mine (The Homestake Mine) in the country, Deadwood, SD, Sturgis, SD, and last and the best, the first designated National Monument "Devils Tower".  

Belle Fourche historical museum

Belle Fourche mural

A cold refreshment at the Outlaw Saloon in Belle Fourche

B & B Lounge sign was great

This rock was in steam in front of the Bridal Falls

Rough Lock Falls because they used to lock the wagon wheels to get down the hill

The Homestake Mine open pit, also goes 7,000 feet below surface

Wild Bill's last hand in Deadwood

historic Hotel in Deadwood

Loved the Coyote sign

Sturgis rally photo

downtown Sturgis mural

The Knuckle Saloon in Sturgis, SD

Aladdin, SD  general store

Painting od Devil's Tower depicting the indian legend

Devil's Tower National Monument

Climbers on Devil's Tower

Monocrome image

The forest behind Devil's Tower

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  1. Sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see the photos. Sounds like a really neat place for a western movie, gunslingers and saloon broads!