Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guernsey State Park, Wyoming

September 10, 2012:

A longer pull today on mostly state highway to Guernsey State Park in Guernsey, Wyoming.  The ride was all wide open range land, huge ranches as far as the eye could see.  We arrived at Guernsey State Park not really well prepared due to their very poor web site.  We followed the signage into the Park to find no one at the entry station.  We drove on looking for the park office, on a road which became increasingly steeper, more narrow, more curves, higher and scarier (Twinkles stopped talking and was looking straight ahead) until we were on a ledge way up high above the North Platte River reservoir.  All the time I was wondering what was going to be around the next curve and hoping no one would come in the opposite direction.  Then we came to the actual Dam, went over it and then finally found the South park entrance with a person at the booth.  They told us the best camp spot for us was probably near where we first came in and we could drive back there on the paved road.  We drove back around and entered the campground area, got out and walked around looking for the best site, only one other camper there.  I used all my boards and then used a few flat rocks to get the RV close to level.  This was basically boondocking, no water, sewer or electric hook-ups. The one camper left the next day, then we were all alone in this very quiet, dark, very secluded, campsite, maybe even a bit spooky ?  The night sky put on quite a show, haven't seen that many stars ever !  We also had a small storm, mostly wind, some light rain and a fantastic double rainbow !  

view behind our camp site, reservoir is being drained

view from a short walk into Dead Man's cove canyon

Geode's were all over in rocks

view form the Castle, built by the CCC at Guernsey Park

Reservoir view

View from the North Bluff Trail

View of the North Platte River from North Bluff  Trail

Ancient knarled tree next to Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail wagon ruts

Pony Express Station stop next to the Oregon Trail

Inscription Rock next to the Oregon Trail

Cliff Swallow nests

One of the Everett's that went west on the Oregon Trail

double rainbows over our camp, good karma I hope ?

Road across Wyoming was all this

Guernsey State Park view

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  1. Wow! Now there's a story! All I saw was that you "went over the dam" and I gasped - hard!

    Mark is now totally intrigued by your travels! Loving the stories, keep'em coming. Be safe though!