Saturday, September 22, 2012

Colorado Springs continued

September 21, 2012:

We took a break from touring to catch up on domestic stuff, laundry and then food shopping at a local store, "King Sooper".  We have been in a serious Wallmart rut lately, it was real nice to go somewhere else.  Wallmart is so convenient, they have everything, they seem to be everywhere and the prices are good, but I consider them an evil empire of sorts, no one can compete against them, they kill most of the small independent stores, but that's the way the free enterprise system works.  The homogenization of America is becoming more and more evident as we travel around.  

While Twinkles was doing the laundry, (I want to help, but she won't let me near it), I completed the fabrication of a carrier for the RV Sewer hose out of a 5 x 5 square vinyl fence post section that I bolted under the RV, from one of those other evil empire stores, Home Depot.

Next stop was to Manitou Springs to the Cliff Dweller's Museum, which was way better than expected.  It is a beautiful place, the cliff dwellings are very well preserved and restored to be very authentic.  They also have an excellent museum and a huge gift shop. We then went to downtown Manitou Springs for a beer which is how most of our jaunts end.

On the night of September 20th, we heard noises like artillery fire outside in the distance, which was a bit concerning, sounded like we were under attack.  We are very close to the Fort Carson Army base here and they must have a firing range or something nearby ? It was weird to hear it so close. 

On Sept 21st, we went to Pueblo, Colorado for the18th annual Chile and Frijoles Festival.  This festival is now one of the biggest Chile festivals in the country and it was great !  It was held in the downtown historic district of Pueblo, which is a very vibrant, successful downtown revitalization project.  I was last there about 6 years ago and I thought the downtown area was great then, it seems even better now. They have the most incredible old restored Train station and they have built a beautiful new river walk area. 

On September 22nd, we go back on the road, just over the border to Raton, New Mexico.  We are staying a couple of days at the Cedar Rail Campground perched on the 7,800 foot crest of the Raton Pass.  Lots of Elk, bear, mountain lions and other creatures up there we are told.

Manitou cliff dwellings

Manitou cliff dwellings

Kiva ceremonial chamber

Great downtown Pueblo mural

Downtown Pueblo fountain

Great Musso Chile Farm logo

Indian quilt statue at Pueblo River walk

Lots of Chile Peppers for sale

Banquet room at the Pueblo Union Depot

Front view of the Pueblo Union Depot

All kinds of Peppers

Roasting the Chile peppers

More Chile Peppers !

Lots of fire !

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