Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colorado Springs

September 19, 2012:

On September 14th we moved to the Golden Eagle Ranch RV Park just south of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It is also the home of the John May Museum, another interesting story.  John May and his father, James May, developed a huge collection of topical insects and started exhibiting their collection all over the country. In 1947, John May moved to Colorado Springs and built a permanent museum for the collection which continues to this day.  Approximately 8,000 insects are on display in the museum out of the 100,000 insects in the main collection.   

I spent much time in this area in the early 1990's and again in 2006 while working for NJ Transit monitoring train testing at the Transportation Test Center outside of Pueblo Colorado.  I'm re-visiting places I saw years ago, some is the same, others have changed and Sue is seeing it all for the first time.  

We went to the Garden of the God's on Saturday and it seemed like everyone was there, very crowded. We walked a few miles around, mostly on sidewalks, which was weird, but there were so many people, for a moment I thought I was back in New Jersey !   

We then went to Monitou Springs, lots of history, counter culture, artists, street musicians, art galleries, bars, restaurants and good jewelry shops. It's a fun place to hang out, it has it all.  Twinkles drank some of the mineral water, said that it tasted bad, but I told her, it's all natural mineral water, has to be good, drink it !!!

On Sunday, I took Twinkles on the notorious Gold Camp road for a ride from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek.  I have done this dirt road several times many years ago, but never in a solidly sprung dually over the bumps and washboard road surface.  There has to be something loose or falling apart now on the truck.  Actually I may have loose filings in my teeth now !  After three hours on this corduroy surfaced road Twinkles was about ready to kill me. We made it to Cripple Creek, had a nice lunch, took in the sights, then drove back on the nice smooth paved road.  I just mentioned driving up the Pikes Peak auto road and Twinkles started looking mean, no way !!!

This week, we have explored Old Colorado Springs (small town feel, artistic) and the new downtown Colorado Springs which is more cosmopolitan. Then back to Garden of the Gods for hikes on the Cabin Canyon trail and the Siamese twins trail, they were great trails. 

I have learned that a black truck is not to be desired out here in this dry, dusty country, I can wash it in the morning and by the afternoon it is streaked with dust.  Also, time for some maintenance work this week, oil change on the truck, sanitize the water system on the RV and fabricate a carrier underneath for the sewer hose.

Garden of the Gods view

Twinkles holding the rock up

The balanced rocks

Mineral water fountain in Manitou Springs

View along the Gold Camp Road

Aspen Trees

The still active mine in Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek steam train

View of Cripple Creek

View of Pikes Peak with dusting of snow

Mural in Colorado Springs

Great sign n Colorado Springs

Old historical log cabin in old Colorado Springs

Pottery shop in old Colorado Springs

Mural in old Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak view from old Colorado Springs

Upside down Humpty Dumpty ?

Horse sculpture in downtown Colorado Springs

We hiked up to the Siamese Twins

Ancient Juniper tree at Garden of the Gods

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  1. Now you're bringing back memories! Was out in Colorado several times for work and family (Loveland and now Fruita). Did not get to go to Garden of the Gods or Estes Park since it was hair and make-up day for my nephew's wedding. Mark did bring me back a beautiful lavender sweatshirt though (he got to go with the guys). Sounds like an interesting trip. Don't know if I would be up to Pike's Peak either, Sue! Enjoy!